PUREPOWER have a wide range of high protein & low fat products to help your reach your goals!
Our packs and bundles allow you to build a nutritional package specific to you.
Every product in our range details the full nutritional values allowing you to take control of what you eat.
Lets see what package is right for you?


POWERPACKS allow you to choose from our range of prepared meals that are high in protein & low in fat.
Each meal details the full macro content allowing you to plan your week with no prep time. There are 3 sizes available which contain 6 – 20 meals, this allows you to plan your nutritional diary for 3 – 7 days for yourself or the family.
Each POWERPACK saves you money as well as time, look out for the free gifts in some of these packs!!

Power bundles

POWERBUNDLES allow you to choose from our wide range of prepared meals & protein pancakes.
All products are developed by PUREPOWER to the highest standards and allow you to enjoy your food even whilst cutting.

Power Pancake & Yoghurt Packs

PUREPOWER have developed a WELLBEING & SUPPLEMENTS range that puts the focus firmly on CLEAN INGREDIENTS, QUALITY, FUNCTIONALITY and YOU.
Choose from a wide range of Whey Protein Powders, Lean Protein Powders, Vegan Protein Powders, Pre-Workout supplements and Natural Vegan Friendly Fat Burners with the confidence that all ingredients are natural and produced to the highest industry standards to allow you to achieve your goals.
PUREPOWER supply the full nutritional data for each product and each portion size allowing you to accurately monitor your intake whilst working towards your individual goals!
There are 3 bundles available delivering great value for money.